about us

More than 45 years of experience

Since 1973, Fundiciones Zabala has been involved in the business of aluminium and non-ferrous metals alloys gravity die casting for the production of parts by using gravity moulds in metal and injection. This coupled with previous experience in other companies of the sector has provided us with a wide experience, knowledge and know-how that allows us to provide a service and advise our customers according to their needs.

Fundicones Zabala SL was first established in 1973 by Antonio Albarrán as a workshop in Zabala Street, in the city of Bilbao-Basque Country, a major industrial region in the north of Spain. In the early 80’s the company’s growth made us relocate the facilities and the equipment. Then, the company moved to Rekalde district, still close to Bilbao downtown. This movement allowed to better meet customers’ needs and, at the same time, to keep a strategic location for communications and an easy access to transportation.

Historically, the company has been working for many different sectors with a main focus on the electrical, rail, appliances or mechanical segments.

Today, Antonio Albarrán continues to successfully manage the company thanks to his extensive experience and the passion for his work. Since then our brand strives in the excellence of the services, flexibility and quality of the products we deliver to our customers.


Our pillars


The quality is our motto, hence in Fundiciones Zabala we only use primary ingots whose composition is certified by first line manufacturers. This ensures a raw material of the highest quality. In addition, every single piece is thoroughly checked at each and every stage of the production process according to ISO 9001:2015 ensuring an optimum result of the final product.

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Thanks to the flexibility and versatility that this type of foundry requires, in Fundiciones Zabala, we are able to adapt to the needs, characteristics and customer requirements both in amounts, from small to high volumes, and types of alloy.


The expertise, industry knowledge, know-how and long experience in the field of gravity die casting allows us to advise our customers on the various compositions, properties, qualities and the best way to proceed in each of their projects to achieve the best results.