Since 1973, Fundiciones Zabala has been involved in the business of aluminium and non-ferrous metals alloys gravity die casting for the production of parts by using gravity moulds in metal and injection. This coupled with previous experience in other companies of the sector has provided us with a wide experience, knowledge and know-how that allows us to provide a service and advise our customers according to their needs.


The quality is our motto, hence in Fundiciones Zabala we only use primary ingots whose composition is certified by first line manufacturers. This ensures a raw material of the highest quality. In addition, the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the thorough controls and tests applied to every single piece at each and every stage of the production process guarantee the excellence of the final product.


Thanks to the flexibility and versatility that this type of foundry requires, in Fundiciones Zabala, we are able to adapt to the needs, characteristics and customer requirements both in amounts and types of alloy.


The expertise, industry knowledge, know-how and long experience in the field of gravity die casting allows us to advise our customers on the various compositions, properties, qualities and the best way to proceed in each of their projects to achieve the best results.


Fundiciones Zabala offers solutions related to the electricity sector, railway, valves, machine tending, lifting, cableway, etc., ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction using primary ingots with their certificates of composition together with the quality standards required in each project.

In addition, we strive to adapt the specifications of the commissioned product to the characteristics of the moulds to be used in its manufacture. We do this both by a careful assessment of its future characteristics in its phase of study and design, as through any piece of advice or technical support required in the stages of its machining and assembly.